Tank Monitoring Systems

Data Center Service
Part #ManufacturerPrice
DCB250 Centeron 250 Calls $110.00
DCB500 Centeron 500 Calls $170.00
DCB1000 Centeron 1000 Calls $300.00
Wireless Remote
Part #ManufacturerPrice
086676A0002 Centeron Power supply for outdoor controllers $110.00
G4GM05060BF Centeron Float monitor 60” tank height $300.00
G4GM05096BF Centeron Float monitor 96” tank height $300.00
G4RM096BBO Centeron Radar monitor 96” tank height-RF $480.00
CGW‑I‑E‑D Centeron CG W-I-ED Indoor Ethernet Controller $495.00
CGW‑O‑E‑D Centeron CG W-O-ED Outdoor Ethernet Controller $495.00
G4RM120BBO Centeron Radar monitor 120” tank height -RF $545.00
G4RM144BBO Centeron Radar monitor 144” tank height-RF $650.00
DR0960‑Y Centeron Cellular radar monitor 96” tank height; Must specify Verizon or AT&T Service $700.00
DR1440‑Y Centeron Cellular radar monitor 144” tank height; Must specify Verizon or AT&T Service $700.00
G4RM192BBO Centeron Radar monitor 192” tank height-RF $705.00
CGW‑I‑V‑D Centeron CG W-I-V-D Indoor Cellular Controller $940.00
CGW‑O‑V‑D Centeron CG W-O-V-D Outdoor Cellular Controller $940.00

All pricing subject to change without notice.

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