National-Spencer manufactures high-quality air- and hand-operated oil, grease and fuel equipment.


Dolly Bases & Drum Cradles
Part #Price
135Drum cradle$81.00
Funnels / Fillers
Part #Price
7078 Quart galv funnel with screen$20.75
Plastic Measures
Part #Price
7511 Quart poly with flex spout$6.15
7532 Quart poly with flex spout$7.75
7553 Quart poly with flex spout$10.25
7575 Quart poly with flex spout$12.75
769Deep 3 quart drum funnel$19.75
Valves / Faucets / Etc
Part #Price
683/4” Plastic bung faucet$3.85
169Non-sparking aluminum wrench for 2” and 3” drum plugs.$12.50
672” Plastic bung faucet$16.25
633/4” Cast iron gate valve$50.00
642” Cast iron gate valve$65.00

Hand Pumps

Hand Pumps
Part #Price
366TSpecially designed to pump non-corrosive chemicals.$37.50
NS3215-gallon hand gear oil pump. Includes hose and curved nozzle.$40.00
365Stainless steel piston for corrosive products.$62.50
1003Standard duty rotary pump for 15-55 gallon drums. For use with gasoline, diesel fuel and light oil.$100.00
NS550Hand-operated grease pump for 5-gallon pail. Includes follower plate, hose, 4 jaw coupler.$110.00
1009Standard duty rotary pump for 15-55 gallon drums. For use with light oil, diesel fuel, antifreeze, alcohol and WWS.$150.00
1007Heavy-duty bi-directional pump for use with 15-55 gallon drums. Great for dispensing gasoline, diesel fuel, light oils.$195.00

All pricing subject to change without notice.

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