Catlow manufactures an extensive nozzle line, as well as swivels, breakaways, adapters and other fuel dispensing equipment.

Fuel Dispensing

Part #Price
10GFlow limiter; 3/4”F to M for conventional dispensers$35.00
10G‑1Flow limiter; 3/4”M to F for conventional dispensers$40.00
Breakaways - Controller Swivel/Breakaway
Part #Price
SBS3/43/4”M X 3/4”F swivel/breakaway$95.00
SBS1X11”M X 1”F swivel/breakaway$130.00
Breakaways - CAM Twist Magnetic
Part #Price
CTM100‑LLower half breakaway-1”$40.00
CTM75‑LLower half breakaway-3/4”$40.00
CTM75Heavy-duty magnetic breakaway-3/4”$65.00
CTM100Heavy-duty magnetic breakaway-1”$95.00
Part #Price
CF2000L‑CF2000NLManual farm nozzle Lead or N/L (3/4” inlet)$35.00
CF2001L‑CF2001NLManual farm nozzle Lead or N/L (1” inlet)$35.00
NEL‑NENLElite Lead or N/L (3/4” inlet)$60.00
NELF‑NENLFSecur-flo Lead or N/L farm (3/4” inlet)$60.00
NEPL‑NEPNLElite prepay Lead or N/L (3/4’ inlet)$60.00
NIAL‑NIANLClassic 1” Automatic lead or n/l$60.00
NM1Max 1 hi flow diesel (1” inlet)$95.00
NM1PMax 1 hi flow diesel prepay (1” inlet)$115.00
CV90‑001Value 90 bulk fueler (1 1/2” inlet)$290.00
Part #Price
3‑4‑SS3/4” x 3/4” straight swivel$20.00
C720‑3‑43/4”M x 3/4”F twister swivel$22.00
C720‑1x3‑41”M x 3/4”F twister swivel $25.00
1‑SS1” x 1” straight swivel $35.00
C720‑1x11”M x 1”F twister swivel $45.00
CV90SW1 1/2”M x 1 1/2”F straight swivel$75.00

All pricing subject to change without notice.

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